Planning Your Safest Holiday Road Trip Begins Now

Planning to have the safest possible holiday road trip means you have to be willing to take the necessary steps to be able to ride out any problems that could occur while driving to your destination.

Keep this list in mind before you pack the car with presents and food for your family.

  • Make certain you have a decent spare tire, and pack a couple cans of tire fix-a-flat.
  • Fill a bag with some tools including a hammer, cutters, pliers, and scissors.
  • Throw a roll of duct tape in that bag of tools for making small emergency repairs.
  • Keeping a gallon of engine coolant in the car will help in the event of the car overheating, but be sure to top off your fluids prior to leaving on your journey.
  • Flashlights will come in handy when you have to work on the car in the dark.

Our team here at Kia Country of Savannah can offer you a holiday travels check-up on the car before you roll out on the busy roads too. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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