Take Your Trunk-or-Treat Decoration to the Next Level

The kids are getting excited as trunk-or-treat time is here. Make that night even more memorable for them when you transform your vehicle with these simple trunk-or-treat tips.

  • Don't forget to dress the part. Whatever theme you are going with concerning your vehicle. be sure you take the time to dress according in costume for the kids.
  • Make use of the underside of your vehicle. Either place some black lighting there or you can hide a recorder that is playing creepy Halloween music or sounds on loop.
  • Open the hood of the vehicle and make use of all that space too. This is a great place to hide a few creepy creatures or glowing lights for eyes.

Hide scary dolls inside the car looking out at the children. At Kia Country of Savannah, we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween.

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