Reasons Your Engine Is Overheating

If you are driving along and you notice either your engine seems to be sputtering or slowing, or there could even be some smoke or steam coming out of your engine you may have an issue with the coolant system in your vehicle. This is the system that is responsible for ensuring that your vehicle does not overheat when it is in use and when there is something wrong with this area of your vehicle it is incredibly important that you get the problem addressed immediately to prevent further damage to your engine.

Some common problems that our technicians here in our service center at Kia Country of Savannah will take a look at when we suspect your engine is overheating can include:

  • Checking the coolant levels and other fluid levels in your vehicle.
  • Checking the coolant system for any signs of damage like holes or cracks within the system.
  • Making sure the driving belts are in place and in one piece.
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