Signs that Your Radiator is Leaking

The radiator in your vehicle helps cool the engine, so it is imperative that it works properly. Otherwise, your engine can be severely damaged which may lead to costly repairs. If your radiator is leaking it will need to be serviced immediately, but it’s helpful to know the signs of a leaky radiator. Here are some things to look for.

The first things you should determine is if the leaking fluid is actually coolant, or antifreeze. Check the coolant level by taking a look at the overlook tank, which you can easily see through. If you’ve noticed that you’re losing coolant, it could be the radiator. Leaks in the radiator can be easy or hard to spot, so it’s best to check it from all angles.

If the radiator isn’t the cause of the issue, there could be a few other possibilities for leaks, like the hoses, radiator cap, reservoir tank, water pump, and more. If you’re having trouble finding the leak, it’s best to bring it in to our service center here at Kia Country of Savannah. Schedule your appointment today.

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