Corroded Battery Could Indicate Leak

Car ownership has its difficulties, and a dead or corroded battery is an inconvenience.

Finding your battery is corroded is a big hassle. Sometimes, if your car battery isn't starting quickly, or is coming close to dying when you stop, your battery connection could be loose or corroded. If you check and find it's loose, it's an easy fix, but corrosion could be a symptom of a battery that is leaking. Soda can help clean off the corrosion, and your car will likely start, but you need to have the leaky battery replaced.

Accidentally leaving your headlights or dome light on could drain your battery. Jump starting it will most likely get it to start, but your battery will have weakened and should be replaced. Replace old batteries because they can become unreliable, and may die.

When you are concerned about the reliability of your vehicle's battery, call Kia Country of Savannah, we can help.

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