Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Cleaning your tires is something you probably don't think about a lot. Chances are, you periodically wash and wax the rest of your vehicle but when you are done, you neglect to pay any attention to your tires. Washing and treating your tires is actually just as important as the rest of your vehicle's care. It can keep your vehicle looking nice and new but it also helps protect the tires.

When we can make sure your tires are in tip top shape here in our service center at Kia Country of Savannah, we use high quality tire products that are designed to gently clean your tires but also treat them. This will help protect the rubber from the elements and anything that you may encounter on the road while you are driving.

We recommend that you have cleaning products and items that are used only for your tires. This can include scrub brushes, sponges and rags. This way, you won't damage your paint job.

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